J Hand Homes is your premier luxury and custom home builder in Southeast Louisiana. We serve our client’s needs to create expansive and unique homes. No matter what stage of development you find yourself in, whether you are already working with an architect or interior designer to design your home, we work as partners to make your dream home and make it a reality. We make it our mission to help each client design and build a home that harmonizes with their families’ lifestyle, fits their financial guidelines, and enriches their daily life.
We take a partnership approach to building beautiful homes with no quality spared. We work with you at each stage of the process to ensure that your home fulfills your vision. Our dedicated team will strive to fit your home with your family in every aspect, to make each project as unique as the owner of the home.
Our team works with clients across the entire Louisiana Northshore and New Orleans metropolitan area. We have worked on numerous homes utilizing our unique partnership approach to achieve a customized luxurious home design unique to each of our clients.
We fulfill the needs of our clients through our unique business model, providing transparent and expedient updates on each individual home. At J Hand Homes, we strive to make the custom home building process as engaging, simple, and hassle-free as possible.



Jason Hand began renovating homes in Uptown New Orleans and discovered his passion for custom home building and renovations. Driven by this passion for custom home design, Jason shifted his focus to selling building supplies for companies like 84 Lumber and Acadian Millwork for the next five years. During that time, he turned his focus inward and designed his own home.
In 2014, J Hand Homes LLC was started to share his passion for creating custom homes with others across the North Shore and surrounding areas. Each one of these unique projects has provided a rewarding experience for Jason and his team. They are able to create unique designs to fit the needs of the client which has given them the opportunity to grow as a business and as home builders.